Safari Rack™ is a registered trademark of SafariRacks.com

mainpageveteran-owned-businessThe home of custom made safari racks.  Our racks are custom made1awsomeee-rack by man and by hand from start to finish. We are the pioneers on “build toorder” roof rack. No other roof rack comes close.
Our Safari Racks have been tested to probably the biggest payload in the industry. No one knows racks better than we do.
Since we build to order,  no two roof racks are exactly alike .
Our  Safari Rack is made from 1-1/4 galvanized tubular steel for longevity and zero maintenance.
Our racks are individually hand made from start to finish. We proudly urge you to visit  our competitors, check them out and when you have satisfied your curiosity, come back to the people who own the legal trademark for the term “Safari Rack”  that’s us.

We at Safari Rack have been making custom roof racks since 2003 but 2003 is not our genesis. The idea, the concept started years beyond that in the jungles of Africa.
Our racks don’t simply move stuff  from point A to point B, they go through the most rugged terrain and experience the toughest environments and still come back in top shape.

“A good idea is an idea who’s time has come”

Safari Rack™ on Jeep Cherokee

2014-12-31 17.00.32

Safari Rack™ on Chevy

Safari Rack™ on Jeep

Safari Rack™ on Jeep Grand Cherokee